Cuts N Coffee

Get 10% off on Student haircuts at Cuts and Coffee and get a fresh haircut for the next Kinderbar and SQ Events!

Location: Heemraadstraat 219, 2586 SW Den Haag

Stab Burgers

Stab Burgers is a burger place with the most delicious Burgers from Chicken to Beef, and even Vegetarian. So why not use the 20% discount on all takeaway orders when you are craving one?

The menu includes:

Persian dishes

Homemade chicken wings
Side dishes

It is located close to Intension:

Badhuisstraat 41, 2584 HD


New York Pizza

We have all had those late night cravings fro delicious Pizza in skotel or at home!

Use your Member card and get 20% disocunt on all takeaways for whole Pizzas (30cm)!



InTension is a gym in Scheveningen with the highest quality ranking in the region. InTension stands for quality and professionalism. Members of SQ receive the following benefits from InTension:

- No sign-up fee of €25,-

- Members of SQ get €25,- when they attract new members on a yearly contract

- Memberships are 50% off (also choosing the annual option)



Gammax provides the amongst the best professional and amateur gaming experiences available to all. Whether you want access to high end PCs, playstation 5s or formula 1 simulation vehicles, Gammax has it all.

As a member of Senti Questo, you gain access to the following benefits:

- Game for 3 hours for just €15,-

- Drink cards (5 Coca Cola freestyle drinks) for €10,-

- Lunch deal (a tosti and Coca Cola freestyle drink) for €5,50



From its Asian roots, Eazie believes that healthy & tasty food makes people happy. Food is important for both the body and soul. Asian goodness. Your way. That's Eazie.

For Senti Questo members, Eazie provides the following benefits upon showing the SQ logo:

- 10% Discount throughout 2023