Board 2021-II

Hey y'all!

I am Nadine and I'm so excited and honored to be the new Chair of SQ. I'm fully German but grew up all across the globe, so an international community is what I know and love for its huge range of interesting people and stories.

I started at HTH in August 2021 after a gap year working in Vienna and returned from my internship in Berlin just before starting as your Chair.

SQ became my chosen family during the hard pandemic times and I cannot wait to give this amazing opportunity to so many more students while continuously improving the association we all cherish.

I can't wait to see all of y'all at KB and around campus more often, and whenever you see me - say hi! :)

Lots of löööve,

Nadine Pertsch

Dear SQ family,

My name is Clara, I am very excited to be your vice-chairman! I am 20 years old, half french half german but I grew up in the UK which you will notice immediately when we meet! I am very excited to be a part of this lovely board and be able to organise lots of fun events for you especially now that things have become more normal! 

I am excited to meet you all at Kinderbar,

Lots of löööoooooove 

Clara Sorge

Nice to meet you everyone!

I am Sabina, but you can also call me Miss Kinderbar Manager. Since Kinderbar is the soul of Senti Questo, I make a promise to all of you that I will organise the best evenings of your HTH experience. And what better way is there to find out if I keep my promise than attending every one of them?

See you next Kinderbar!

Sabina Goga

Hi guys!

My name is Nena, Senti Questo’s treasurer. After living in Rijen, Brabant (hence my nickname) for 19 years, I started at HTH in August of 2019. I quickly entered KinderBar and was sold immediately. Making friends for life from all around the world whilst enjoying a nice mixer was the highlight of my week :)

Having an affinity with numbers and money (mainly spending tho), I decided to join the board as treasurer. It is a great combination of engaging with the members and adding value to our beloved association!

I am looking forward to seeing and making memories with all of you!

Kisses and much lööve,

Nena Mertens

Hello everyone!

I am Kicky, Senti Questo's PR manager. After being born and raised in Amsterdam (best city in the world😉), I moved to the Hague to start my HTH career.

I joined SQ at the end of 2019 because I loved the vibe at Kinderbar and the diverse and welcoming bunch of people I met there (and not to forget the SQ Long island iced tea!).

Becoming PR manager has not only given me the opportunity to use my social media addiction for a good cause, but also to engage new and old students with the association that I love so much :) 

I can't wait to make many more memories with SQ, this year and all the years to come!


Kicky Eisenhuth


Hi hi!

My name is Isabel, but most know me by Izzy. I am the new External Affairs and Events Manager. I'm half American and half Dutch and have grown up in an expat community my whole life; therefore having a place like Senti Questo where I again have an expat community is amazing!

This coming board period I can't wait to bring back old traditions that we used to have like Oktoberfest as well as throw some amazing new parties!

Isabel Zandboer