Board 2021-I

My name is Marianne Papp and I am proud to introduce myself as your new Chair for this board period and look forward to meeting all of you! I am a 21 year old French/Hungarian/American originally from San Francisco. I proudly share my love for California and I have developed a recent passion for music, especially rock. Many of you might not know me yet as I am originally from the Amsterdam campus and transferred after internship.

Having always wanted to be around friendly, welcoming people, I am happy to be apart of this family and to help it flourish to become an amazing student association we all love. Find me at events, in school, and even around the neighborhood— never hesitate to stop and say hello :) I am excited to be your Vice Chair during this board period and I can’t wait to see you guys at our upcoming events!

Lots of Lööve!

Marianne Papp

Dear SQ Family,
I am Xiaoli, your Vice Chairman. I am half Spanish and half Malaysian-Chinese, and I came to HTH in 2019-II after living in Sydney for 5 years. Previously I lived around Europe, so I developed a love for being in an international environment. After arriving at HTH I found SQ gave me the family away from home I wanted and the international environment I had grown to love. Now I am part of the board and I am ready to contribute some of myself to this association which has contributed so much to my time at HTH. I look forward to meeting you all when Kinderbar reopens, and otherwise just say hello around Scheveningnen, I never stray far.

Look forward to seeing you all soon at KB!

Xiaoli Berroeta Tay

Dear SQ family,

Nothing can go wrong with some drinks and fun talks, that is my definition. This boy’s name is Bach and I am 21 years old. Always was down to do stuff which involves getting to know people more and share few hobbies together. One place that has given me this opportunity is Senti Questo. Since day 1 I have already seen what Senti Questo can give to me and from that moment I wanted to join this association. Lovely people, nice atmosphere and cheap booze for my empty wallet. Every experience with Senti Questo is unique and different every single time. I have made memorable times with this association and want to make many more.  

Bach Nguyen

Dear SQ Family,

Since the first day I was introduced to SQ I knew it is the association I feel most at ease with. Slowly getting to know the association has made me want to be a bigger part of it. Ever since year 1 I knew I wanted to make board, to be a bigger part of this family. I always thought I would apply for KB manager, but I saw there was someone more worthy of that position so I went with the flow and stayed back. Now that the position of treasurer is available, I am more than happy to say that I am willing to take this challenge upon me and contribute to the SQ family as much as possible.

Julia Naradko

Dear SQ family,

My name is Alex, and I am the PR manager of this amazing student association! I am half German, half Mexican and am truly enjoying my student life here in Netherlands. 
I decided I wanted to become part of the SQ board when I realised that I want to be the one contributing to memorable experiences students create during their studies. 

The first impression I had from Senti Questo was when I attended Kinderbar, and noticed how welcoming everyone is. The vibe and atmosphere caught my attention very quickly and made me want to invest into the future of this association. 

I hope to meet all of you soon for some a drinks at Kinderbar!!

Alexander Karbaum 

My name is Bram Schol, and I am happy to introduce myself as new External Affairs and Events manager for this board year! I am 21 years old and as Dutch a person can be. You can either find me making music or enjoying music at festivals and parties. Next to this, I love to cook and make something special out of every meal.

When I was first introduced to this amazing student association, I immediately felt at home and welcome. That is the feeling I would like to share with all of you too! I love connecting with new people over a few drinks, and that is why I am excited to meet all of you.

Bram Schol