Board 2020 I

Löövely SQ family!

After half a year of taking pictures and making posters for the Senti Questo board, the time has came for me to take the lead as Chairman of Senti Questo. I am proud to be representing the board towards school and towards all of you. The last half year as PR manager has given me a lot of insight and I am happy to finally implement what I have learned from years of board experience as chairman.

Currently, we are facing a global pandemic and a school renovation. These, among others, are issues I am dealing with in the name of all of us.

I cannot wait until we are opening our doors of Kinderbar again for you!

Janine Pausch


Hey SQ fam and others,

As proud new Head of Members of Senti Questo, I present myself to you guys. I’m Max Wharton, Franco-British 21-year-old second phase student, and proud member of SQ since the beginning of my Hotelschool time. I was born in Paris but moved around quite a lot during my life, which is why I love to create new connections with people!

I like to think of myself as very people-driven. The reason is I simply love human interaction, which is why I chose to present my candidature for Head of Members. Now, have the honour to thank you for the support in realising this, and in return my duty will be to make you feel like you are part of something more... I will do my best.

I am also very excited to work alongside the rest of the Head Board of Senti Questo, with whom we hope to achieve many things in the next year.

Lastly, know that if you have any queries or comments, or even ideas you may want to share, do not hesitate to contact me!

Catch me outside,

Max Wharton


Dear SQ family,

My name is Ralph Korthuijs, I am 22 years old and from the south of The Netherlands. I have grown up with travelling the world, meeting new people and working within many different industries. Through this I have learned to work hard with others and to just be a nice person, who is always willingly to help. I like to be practical, use my working skills, socialize and I get motivation out of making people happy. To summarize, I am a person that enjoys life to the fullest and having Kinderbar every Thursday really helps with that.

Since beginning my journey at Hotelschool the Hague, I have been part of the Senti Questo, and I love it. The amazing international community feels like a proper loving family, where everybody is accepted, and I am very happy to be a part of it.

My life is about having a good time with everybody around me, as acting Kinderbar Manager I hope to share this feeling with our amazing community.

Enjoy your day,
Big Bear

Ralph Korthuijs


Dear SQ Family,

My name is Ties van den Broek and I am a Dutch 22 year old. Since my first weeks in HTH, I have been able to identify myself as a Senti Questo member, attended all Kinderbars I could attend and dreamed about being a board member. Finally, I can count myself as one of the board members.

I am always in for a good time, and that is another reason I became a SQ member. For me, SQ is always fun, especially the Thursdays that is. The family feel of SQ is always present and this is how memories are created.

Join the best family feel HTH can create!

Much Löööveeee,

Ties van den Broek 


Dear SQ members,

My name is Nick Brusselers and I’m your new events manager. I am 20 years old, half- Thai and half -Dutch. However, I only started living in the Netherlands since I started at HTH. Since the beginning of HTH, I consider myself a very SQ person, either working or attending as many Kinderbars as possible as well as wondering about joining the board. And today I can say with joy that I can call myself a board member. 

I love connecting with people over a few drinks, this is one of the main reasons that I love SQ and especially why I look forward to every Thursday. I want all members of SQ to feel the same way and I look forward to getting to know all of you.

See you soon!

Nick Brusselers

Sabine Sjollema