Board 2022-II

Hey y'all!

I am Nadine and I'm so excited and honored to be the new Chair of SQ. I'm fully German but grew up all across the globe, so an international community is what I know and love for its huge range of interesting people and stories.

I started at HTH in August 2021 after a gap year working in Vienna and returned from my internship in Berlin just before starting as your Chair.

SQ became my chosen family during the hard pandemic times and I cannot wait to give this amazing opportunity to so many more students while continuously improving the association we all cherish.

I can't wait to see all of y'all at KB and around campus more often, and whenever you see me - say hi! :)

Lots of löööve,
​​​​​​​Nadine Pertsch

Hello everyone, my name is Hugo, and I am the new vice chair of Senti Questo! I am 23 years old, and my nationalities are British and Dutch. I have been attending Senti Questo events from the moment I joined the Hague campus just over a year ago. I spend phase 1 in Amsterdam and then made the switch to the Hague campus which has been an amazing switch and Senti helped make that possible!

I have made great friends within Senti Questo’s international community and as Vice Chair I hope to promote this community and I am proud that I am able to contribute to the association that means so much to me.

See you at Kinderbar (KB) and at our future events!

Lots of löööve

​​​​​​​Hugo van Solkema
Vice Chair and External Affairs

Nice to meet you everyone!

I am Sabina, but you can also call me Miss Kinderbar Manager. Since Kinderbar is the soul of Senti Questo, I make a promise to all of you that I will organise the best evenings of your HTH experience. And what better way is there to find out if I keep my promise than attending every one of them?

See you next Kinderbar and share the löööve!
Sabina Goga
Kinderbar Manager​​​​​​​


My name is Rijkje Thurkow, I am the treasurer and head of members! My responsibilities are the numbers and also all of our lovely members!! I am very excited, not only as a member but now also as a board member, to put my heart and soul into Senti Questo! 

I remember, after visiting Kinder Bar for the first time, I could not stay away and felt immediate friendships form within this fantastic community. 
If you want to chat, party, play games or get a coffee, I am always up for it!
See you lövelies!! 😊

Rijkje Thurköw


Hey everyone!

Im Despina Efstathiou and I am very excited to be the new Events Coordinator of SQ. I come from Cyprus, growing up in an international community, therefore I love being around people from all across the globe, listen to their ideas and interesting stories.

I started HTH in August 2020, right after I have finished high school and I am currently on my second phase.

I got myself into SQ in October 2020 and I fell in love with its whole concept, the people that I met and the family feeling I was missing since I am far away from home.

I cannot wait to see and meet all of you around campus and KB.
​​​​​​​Despina Efstathiou
Events Coordinator