Board 2023-I

Hey everybody!

I'm Despina Efstathiou and I am very excited to be the new Chair of SQ. I come from Cyprus, growing up in an international community, therefore I love being around people from all across the globe, listen to their ideas and interesting stories.

I started HTH in August 2020, right after I have finished high school and I am currently on my second phase.

I got myself into SQ in October 2020 and I fell in love with its whole concept, the people that I met and the family feeling I was missing since I am far away from home.

I cannot wait to see and meet all of you around campus and Kinderbar.​​​​​​​

Lots of löööve,

Hi all!

My name is Casper, and I'll be taking care of external affair and everything finance.
When joining SQ after my internship, I found a community that welcomed everyone and brought a great positive addition to my life at Hotelschool.

Now, as part of the board, I look forward to upholding what this family stands for, and look forward to grow further on the foundation previous boards have so graciously built for us. Hope to see you very soon at Kinderbar, or one of our other events!

Lots of löööve,

Casper Stienstra
Treasurer and External Affairs

Nice to meet you everyone!

My name is Martin Skelton-Garcia, I am 23, half Spanish and half English. As the new Kinderbar Manager my responsibility is to you! I will try my hardest to make the most entertaining and social evenings.

This is where you will be able to meet all of our lovely SQ Family.
I cannot wait to meet all of you, so feel free to come up to me for a chat!!!

See you next Kinderbar and share the löööve!

Martin Skelton-Garcia
Kids Bar Manager

Hello everybody!
I'm Naksh and I'm excited to introduce myself as the new Head of Members for SQ. I am originally from India, however I grew up all over the world. I'm honored to be taking on this role and I'm looking forward to working with all of you to ensure that our community is engaging, supportive, and valuable to all of our members.

As Head of Members, I'll be responsible for overseeing Off-Track, working closely with our board and the members to develop and implement strategies to attract new members, and creating a sense of community and belonging for everyone .

I'm passionate about this role and I'm eager to use my skills, experience, and enthusiasm to make a positive impact on Senti Questo's growth and success. I'm excited to collaborate with all of you to continue our amazing community that is not only valuable but also enjoyable and rewarding for all members.

I hope to meet you all at our next Kinderbar.

Lots of löööve,
​​​​​​​Head of Members


My name is Teun Gal, I am a 21 year old Dutch student and I will be the new events manager of Senti Questo! Ever since I joined Hotelschool in August 2020, I have valued SQ as a true cornerstone of the community.

With recent changes, this community is slowly disappearing and it is our responsibility to bring this back. I hope to contribute to this with some cool events!

Lots of löööve!

Teun Gal
Events Manager